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The Faverolles Breed Book Project 2014 - **NOW PUBLISHED DEC 2015**

We are in the process of getting the British Faverolles society breedbook reprinted so we have more copies available to new members and exisiting members looking for the ultimate guide to Faverolles..

However we are also creating a supplement to go alongside this as a new members handbook, this will be more up to date in regards to results, articles, opinions and also articles written by our members old and new about these wonderful birds

This is a appeal to you members for your help, maybe you have a idea, a story, a picture of a memorable faverolles moment you could share.. Would you like to be involved and create a small article to include.

We are also looking for small donations from people, even just the cost of your subs to anything you can dontate to help toward the cost of the publications

More infomation will be available at the AGM however if you would like more information then please drop me a line on emails

Thanks very much and see you all soon..


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