The Black 

Black Rich green beetle sheen , free from barring. Beak black, eyes brown or black and legs and feet black.

The Buff

Rich lemon buff colour throughout , Beak horn or white, Eyes yellow to orange, grey or hazel, Legs and feet must be white.

The Ermine 

Head and neck hackles and plumage white striped with black, each feather having a solid black centre surrounded by an even white margin.wings white with black in flights .Tail and coverts black.Remainder of feather and plumage white , beak as in the buff.

So yes Faverolles do come in a array! 

The Blue 

Head, muffling and hackles, back and wing bows a uniform blue colour, remainer to be rich blue , each feather a dark shade, beak as in the black except that the legs and feet may also be blue

The Cuckoo 

Cuckoo markings throughout , Light to dark shade is acceptable , markings more important than colour, ground colour pale to meduim grey pattened with cuckoo markings , bands of grey black to dull black, each feather to have three bands and a dark tip of the end. Yellow or red in males hackles in objectable, females tend to have fewe,wider and dark bands. Beak as in the buff - horn or white.

The White 

Pure white feather and pluamge throughout, Beak as in the buff,fault -any black or tinged feathers


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