Mrs M E Appleby Black Bantam Male awarded First at the 1987 Breed club Show

John Krafts Winning Blue Bantam Pullet

John Krafts Cuckoo Bantam Cockerel Winner of the 1992 Club Show 

 C. M Higgins Large Salmon Male winnerof 1991 Breed Club Show

A Typical winner from the 20s and 30s 

How the Faverolles have improved over the years - Fantastically - But the names and birds featured here are the foundations of what we know and see today - Thankyou to all & Such a Credit to all fanciers 

John Krafts Blue Bantam Male awarded First at the 1987 Breed Clu b Show 

Susan Bruton Buff Bantam Male 1992 Breed Club Winner

 John Kraft's Ermine Bantam Male awarded First at 1992 Show

John Krafts Large Salmon Cockerel awarded 1st at Breed Club Show 1992

Mrs Ann Cason Large Salmon Female Hen awarded First at 1984 Club Show

Susan Bruton Large Salmon Female awarded first at 1992 Breed Show 


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