Showing Faults & Pointers

Here is a little handy guide to give you a insight into some of the common faults and  some good pointers that you will find in showing Faverolles , as with all breeds there ar faults, but I can not stress enough get your birds to a show and ask the judge for their opinion and good luck in the show pen.....

Black flecks in the hens muffling will also knock faverolles females down in the show pens, mainly in the salmons this is more prominant, but remember no white feathers in a black bird and no black feathers in a white bird 

Mis marked colours in the feathers, in this bird there is too much buff colour and some black ticking and stripes, not correct for the show Salmon 

This ermine faverolles has a brassy yellow tinge to its mark feathers and washed up neck hackle feathers 

Absense of muffling and visual excessing wattles in cockerels and hens is a big fault in the show pen, females can peck at the males muffling so keep show cockerels and cocks seperate 

Here is a example of a good Faverolles foot, well feathered but not too much, nice wide spread toes and fifth toe turned up the leg and pink/white in colour 

Un even back colour and also too heavily striped , Black feathers in the neck hackle is a bad fault in the salmon female although a excellent cockerel breeder to create dark cherry red males. 

In cockerels and cocks the neck hackle should be straw, thumbs marks or too heavily dark striped neck hackle in a serious defect in the salmon males. 


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