British Faverolles Standards 2007 ( Year Created )

Faverolles, France, Soft Feather Heavy

Egg Colour  - Tinted

The general breed characteristics and regocnised colour varieties detailed after the standard weight apply equally to large & Bantam Faverolles.

Size & Weight

Large Fowl Male Cockerel 7.5lbs - 10ibs

Large Fowl Cock 9lbs - 11lbs

 Large Fowl Female Pullet 7.5lbs - 9lbs

Large Fowl Hen 7.5lbs - 9.5lbs

Bantams Male 2.5lbs - 3lbs

Bantams Female 2lbs - 2.5lbs

Type Male

Active & Alert

Body Thick, Deep & cloddy.Sides Deep. Back fairly long and square. Ie -Very broad across the shoulders and saddle. The Breast to be broad,Keel bone very deep and well forward in front but not too rounded. The tail to be moderatly long,somewhat upright with broad feathers. The wings to be small,prominent in front, serious defects in the males is a squirral tail or flowing tail either low or level with the back.

Type Female

Alowing for the natural sexual differences, the general characteristics are similar to the male with the following exceptions. The body and keel bone longer and deeper, the back is to be longer in proportion and the tail to be carried midway, between upright and dropping.

The Faverolles is a table bird with table qualities, the breast and thighs to be well fleshed with meat.

Disqualification-  Crooked Breast Bone

General Condition, Plumage quality, cleanliness and health and fitness of the bird is to be good.Serious Defects involve, Immaturity, Injury,Illness, Lameness,scaly leg mite,lice,mites,soiled birds and body deformity.

Scale Of Points

Size 10 Type 20 Table Quality 20 Condition 15 Muffling 10 Comb 5 Feet & toes 5 Foot Feather 5 

A full copy of the Faverolles breed standards will be given to you when you join the British Faverolles Society, please note these are just the basics of the standards.


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